Wrocław, Poland, 1963. The city is being ravaged by smallpox. Militiamen guarding the uptown isolation unit witness bizarre incidents: “changed” patients attack their co-patients and staff. A panic arises. When the Militia Headquarters receives further reports on “resurrected” assailants the decision makers gathered in the Situation Room need to take resolute and rapid action. Squads of the Internal Security Corps and Motorized Reserves of the Militia charge all the isolation units. The message is clear: pacify the anti-social elements.
This is a full-blooded (double entendre intended) zombie apocalypse novel by the well-liked Polish science fiction writer Robert J. Szmidt. Also, it is a literary experiment: real people get killed on its pages. Last but not least, it is a sentimental journey back to the 1960s Poland – to the times of the Polish People’s Republic, sordid, dilapidated and stinking of moonshine; the stage for the clash between the military and the hordes of undead.

Robert J. Szmidt’s latest book is truly exceptional not just because of its 222 characters drawn from across 2,300-person group of readers concentrated around the book’s official fan page; not even just because of its unique limited edition normally reserved for video games and high-budget blockbuster movies.
Thanks to the enormous support of the Publisher, readers can immerse themselves not only in Robert J. Szmidt’s Wrocław AD 1963 but also in the universe created by Artur Olchowy, a young debut author. That is right: each copy of this high print run book, advertised on billboards in major Polish cities, includes Artur Olchowy’s debut short story. And what is more, this short story appears in a free e-book which can be read on the Issue platform and downloaded from on-line bookstores, along with a solid excerpt from the novel.